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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stir-Fried Eggplant With Minced Meat (Chhar Trop)

Fried eggplant with minced meat is a common food for Cambodians. Usually, we first bake eggplant until it became very soft all part, and then peel out its skin before slice and take it to fry with minced meat. But here, I choose an easier and faster way for those who have no much time, and it's also delicious this way. I cook it this way most of the time, I rarely bake it. We can fry eggplant with different meats(pork, chicken, beef...sliced or minced meat..etc or without meat, up to favorite), it is served with steamed rice.

Recipe for One person:
Ingredients: 1 medium size eggplant, 150g of minced meat (Pork), 10g of spring onion, 4cloves of garlic, 2sp of oyster sauce, 2sp of oil, 1/2tsp of salt and 1tsp of sugar.

1. Peel the skin of eggplant and chop it as size of finger, chop garlic into small pieces, and cut spring onion as small pieces.

2. Heat up the frying pan, pure oil in. Then put the garlic and fry it till get good smell. After that fry minced meat with it for a while, then put oyster sauce, salt and sugar in. Stir it well together again before put sliced eggplants.

3. Put sliced eggplants in, then stir it a bit and cover it about 10minutes. Then  put it on a plate, and add spring onion that prepared on the top. It's ready to serve with steamed rice.

Language Tip: English =) Khmer
Chop = Pus
Eat = Nyam
Eggplant = Plaer Trop
Garlic = Khtoem Sor
Fry = Chhar
Oil = Preng Chhar
Minced Meat = Sat Chenh Chram
Peel = Bork
Pork = Sach Chrok
Salt = Om Berl
Slice = Chhit
Spring Onion = Sloek Khtoem
Sugar = Skor Sor