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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yummy Caramelized Pork (Khor Sach Chrok)

When you hear about 'Caramel', in your thoughts it must be a kind of sweet dessert but the Caramel here is a kind of food. Caramelized Pork is a very delicious Khmer food, and it's one of my favorite. We can cook with different kinds of meat such as: Beef, Fish or Pork, but Cambodian people like to cook by Pork, esp boneless pork thigh with fat and skin which gives fantastic taste.The way of cooking are same, but different period of cooking, short or long time is depended on how tender the meat. Recipe below I choose pork with little fat. This food can be served with steamed Rice or Bread up to favorite.

Recipe for Two-Three persons: 
Ingredients: 800g of Pork, 1big size of Carrot (about 200g), 6cloves of Garlic, 4sp of Sugar, 2sp of Soy Sauce, 1tsp of Salt and 1/2tsp of Grind Pepper.

1. Cut Pork into cube pieces as in the picture, peel out skin of Carrot then cut into pieces, peel Garlic and chop each of Garlic into half.

2. Heat up pot and put sugar in, make it caramel, then put chopped garlic in, cook it a bit in caramel. After that put pork, carrot, soy sauce and pepper mix them together into caramel, then cover.

3. After 10minutes, open the cover and turn meat to other side to get caramel color on meat. Make sure to have some water enough in the pot, avoid burn. But usually when cook, the water come out from the meat if not, have to add small amount (about 150ml) of water in.

4. Then cover and cook it with small flame about 30-45minutes to make meat become very soft & tender. After that put 1tsp of salt in, and cook about 15minutes more, then taste it...add extra salt or sugar up to your need and it's ready to serve.

Serving: Add a bit of Coriander, Parsley or Spring Onion on the top if you like it.

Language Tip: English =) Khmer
Carrot = Karot
Caramel = Chhoeng, 
Cook = Chom In, Slor(often used)
Cut = Kat
Eat = Nyam
Delicious = Chha Nhanh
Garlic = Khtoem Sor
Like = Chol Chit
Peel = Bork
Pepper = Mar Rich
Pork = Sach Chrok
Soy Sauce = Toek Sa Iv
Salt = Om Berl
Slice = Chit
Spring Onion = Sloek Khtoem
Sugar = Skor Sor