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The fragrance of sandalwood and rosebay, Does not travel far. But the fragrance of virtue, Rises to the heavens. Buddha Dhammapada.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mixed Vegetable Salad With Peanut (Nhaom Bonlae)

It's been for awhile, now get back to my favorite salad recipe. This salad is made from available veggies in my kitchen. You can make Khmer salad from different veggies that you like in the same method I explain below. For example, the main ingredient for this salad is Iceberg and Cabbage but you can use Green Papaya to make Papaya salad and Mango to make Mango Salad. You even can use Cashew nut instead of Peanut. One thing is that I make salad from veggies that is easy to find in my place, it might not be easy to find papaya or mango in Budapest and it even costs more. So there are many kind of Khmer or Asian Salad made in same method. Next post I will show recipe of Glass Noodle Salad which you will see how many same ingredients are used.

Recipe for One Portion:
Ingredients: 1small size of Carrot, 1small size of Tomato, half of a green spicy Paprika, 150g of Iceberg lettuce, 100g of Cabbage, 1/4 of a purple Onion (or 2cloves of Shallot), 2cloves of Garlic, 1sp of fresh Lemon juice, 50g of Peanut, 4tsp of Sugar, 1+1/2tsp of Salt.
1. Peel and slice carrot, tomato, paprika, iceberg, cabbage and purple onion into very thin and small pieces. Peel and chop garlic into very small pieces. Smash the peanuts a little bit.
2. Then put all veggies together and mix them well with lemon juice, chopped garlic, smashed peanut, sugar and salt. After that serve it on a plate.

Note: You can add extra chili or basil on the top it will give more intensive taste.

Language Tip: English =) Khmer
Vegetable = Bonlae
Make Salad = Nhaom
Peanut = San Dek Dei
Cabbage = Spei Kdoub