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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fresh Spring Roll With Bacon (Kourng Sarch Chrok Bei Join)

Most of the time we make Fresh Spring Rolls with Shrimps but with my recipe will show you how to make spring rolls with Bacon. Spring rolls are a part time meal for Cambodian people between lunch and dinner. And usually we don't make our own spring rolls because Khmer family is big so to make a lot of spring roll for a whole family member might take time. So for us, the easy way we just buy ready-made-spring rolls from the seller as much as we need (the price is cheap, we do not need to spend time sitting to wrap & roll, and not only for spring rolls we buy from the market/sellers but all kinds of part time meal/snack). One person probably eats up to 4 or 6 spring rolls, and of course it doesn't keep you full for long time. But when we live abroad, we really should make our own homemade spring rolls if we would like to eat (the cheapest way). Recipe below will also show how to make sweet-and-sour dressing which is necessary to serve with spring rolls. By the recipe here you also can make vegetarian spring rolls, just don't use bacon.

Recipe for One Portion:

Prepare the Dressing: 

Ingredients: 1Garlic Clove (minced), 1/2sp of sliced Carrot, 1sp of Peanut (smashed), 1Red Hot Chili (chopped), 50ml of warm Water, 1sp of fresh Lemon Juice, 4tsp of Sugar, 1+1/2tsp of Salt.
Method: Put all the ingredients together and mix well, the tasted must be Sweet-and-Sour. Keep it to serve with Spring Roll.

Prepare the Spring Roll:
Ingredients: 6pieces of Rice Paper, 3slices of Bacon, 3layers of Lettuce, 1/2Carrot (10cm long need), 1/3Cucumber (10cm long need), 18 leaves of Asian Basil, 1cup of Bean Sprouts. Wash and clean vegetble very well before use. (Recommend: for bean sprouts should clean with water 2-3 times and then keep in water for 5minutes before use).

  1. Cut sliced bacon into half (make 3slices become 6pieces), and take them to fry about 1minute for little brown color but don’t fry till crispy (See pictue). Cut lettuce into half the same way as bacon (makes 3layers become 6pieces)

Peel carrot and slice into thin and long piece about 10cm length. Cucumber are peeled and sliced as same as carrot but can be a bit thicker and keep 10cm long the same.
  1. How to wrap:
1. Take 1Rice paper deep in water for 6seconds till it soft little bit for wrapping. 
2. Take Rice paper out from water and put on a plate. After that put one sliced bacon in middle of the Rice paper, and then put a few sliced of carrot and cucumber, some bean sprouts, 3leaves of basil and one piece of lettuce.
3. Start to wrap from rolling it up one side to the middle, then wrap lelf and right together and after that roll it up to the end. See the pictures below.
      4. Do and wrap it one by one in the same way for the rest. 

Language Tip = English =) Khmer
Bacon = Sarch Chrok Bei Join
Carrot = Karrot
Cucumber = Tro Sak
Shrimp = Beung Kea
Sour = Cho
Spring Roll = Kourng
Sweet = Pha Em
Wrap = Kha Chob